September 01, 2015 | 17 Dhil-Q'ada, 1436
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Salah/ Prayer time
September 01, 2015 7:05 PM    
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Friday Sermon to Remember Victims of Terrorism

Following a terrible week of Daesh-inspired violence, and in the run-up to the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings, Southampton Medina Mosque will hold a sermon of peace in our Friday Jummah Prayers. Our Imam will discuss the anniversary and the week’s events, reminding people ‘that these killers do not respect the sanctity of life as laid down in Islam’.

The sermon says ‘many will rightly feel that we as Muslims should not be compelled to apologise for something that we are not responsible for. We agree, but letting people know where we stand is not an apology, it is something that is required in our faith, to be just.’

In Addition, on Sunday 5th July Medina Mosque will hold the Big Iftar. We have invited people from all backgrounds to come together where we will stand united in prayer, mark the tenth anniversary of 7/7, pray for those victims of Tunisia killing and the Srebrenica massacre.

For full detailed Friday sermon please see our news section of the website. Details of the BIG IFTAR available on events page.


Pictures from Big Iftar 2015. Local Councillors, organisations, police, youth groups, women groups, interfaith groups and people of different faiths and no faith were invited to join for an Iftar dinner (opening of the fast) at the mosque. Imam Rizwan explained about the importance of the month of Ramadan, faith and unity whilst Judge Kurshid Drabu drew our intention to the basic principles of Islam and sanctity of human life in Islam. Judge Khurshid Drabu requested everyone to stand in unity and to to pray in solitude in their own respected manner to remember all those who lost lives in Tunisia, 7/7 bombings and in Srebrenica. It was made clear that there is no place for terrorism in Islam and those who propagate and promote such violence and terror are not the slightest of Muslims.

We like to thank all volunteers who helped in organising this event.

Pictures courtesy of

you can view all pictures on our facebook page copy and paste link

Watch video by Solent News from following link below:


* The Fiqh of Women Delivered by Ustadha Sidrah Ahmed (student from Jamia Al Karam. studied in Ciro and Cambridge Muslim College). Talk every Sunday after Asar throughout the month of Ramadan. Sisters only seminars, all students bring their own writing material.

* If you are interested in booking an iftar at the masjid, please email us on or contact the imam of masjid.

* Healthy Ramadan.... you are not obliged to fast if you are unwell or on medication that is prescribed for you to take during the fasting period. For more information regarding questions related to fasting, breaking fast or what to do when one misses a fast please contact our imams at the masjid. For medical advice please contact your GP or visit the NHS website link provided below;

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